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the elemental monarch
Chapter 8
The atmosphere change has the eclipse approach the outpost and headquarter once a place of great joy now where filled with fear and terror. Wielder stared to travel in packs and buying anything they thought they would need to be ready for the eclipse Alex was no exception when he wasn’t clean the training room he bought a few potion that would be helpful in keeping his energy up. It was the day before the eclipse that Alex was finished with his punishment
“I’ve got ball kid” said a male voice Alex look up from emptying the mop bucket he was using to see Jon standing in the doorway
“I guest you’ve been told”
 “everyone know what you did  that why I said you’ve got ball”
 “hey well you know my reason”
“trust me there are time when I want to use my power to get people to talk I know those reason”
 Alex put the bucket down and but the mob back in it “how lo
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the elemental monarchs
Chapter 7
“ok first are you completely insane” said Marcuse “I like creating trouble has much has the next dark spirt but stilling nimbus that’s not trouble that’s getting use killed”
 “I’m not going to keep him just get Conner attention”
“oh oh his attention way not just steal the other master spirt while where at it that will most certainly get their attention and get use killed” said jasmine
 “look I will only chapter him if he doesn’t answer my question” said Alex
 “the plan is still insane first you torture the Russian and now you want to capture a grand master spirt you a walking on a very tight rope” said jasmine pointing an accusing figure at him
 “first It wasn’t  torture in the normal sense and second would you guys like being spied on without know why”
“they must have their reason” said Illdea “
 “and I w
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the elemental monarchs
Chapter 6
The bird leave the nest
The next few week for Alex we going up and up from him. him and Jon where able to save ten people from becoming evil spirts his own where working together a lot more better than before with some arguing here and there and he was staying in touch with his aunt everything was going great for Alex. Alex appeared on the roof of the hotel five minutes before he was supposed to started his shift he blank once and could see the rainbow he know it was evil but it was still pretty in a way. Alex waited for Jon but he didn’t show when their shift started Alex just shrug it off and went about his normal business playing chess with his spirts and keeping on the area.
“Alex we’ve a problem” said jasmine Alex look out into the city and saw a green aura getting darker
“oh boy” Alex said getting ready to jump off the building.
His wing appeared has to push himself off the railing his wing catch the current enabling him the st
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the elemental monarch 5.2
“nice… going…. Kid….” Jon breath heavily
 “nice nice you just kill an innocent person” shouted Alex his armor and weapons disappearing
“we have no choose new guy if we didn’t it would be a whole lot worse” said the darkness wielder
 “worse worse I was getting somewhere with a little more time I could have”
“no one told you about them” interrupted the light wielder
 “about who” said Alex.
 The wielder of light turn to Jon
 She type something on her spirt phone and showed to Jon.  
 He node heading over to Alex  he grab him and attempted to pull him away “no way I’m not leaving with you”
 “you will now come on” putting more presser on his arm to get him to move.
“I’m not going anywhere with a murderer” Alex shouted.
 Alex fought against the hold Jon had on him even with the beating he took he was
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the elemental monarchs
    Chapter 5
    Family reunion
    Adam waited for Conner to show up after being told by James to head to the chamber of fire and wait for him there. Conner came in looking like crap
    “what did you do sleep on rocks” asked Adam
    “I wish I did didn’t get any sleep last night” rubbing his eyes
     “thinking about my last spirt”
     “what the big deal it’s a phoenix that just mean that I wouldn’t die”
     “you can still die you’ll just be harder to kill” said Marcuse
    “still that a perk” said Adam out loud
    “taking to them” said Conner draining the last bit of his coffee “started about thirty minutes a
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the elemental monarchs
    Chapter 4
    Fail and shield
    Adam finished putting the last book he would being with him into his shadow. He was glad to leave the outpost it was very homey yes but after two mouth he would like to sleep in his own bed for once. He closed the door and head to the staircase that lead back to the surface. Has he made his to the staircase he stop at a few stall to look at what they were selling but nothing peak his interest. He was at the staircase ready to go he put one foot on the stairs than he hit an invisible barrier face first
    “Ow” said Adam rubbing his nose “what the heck” said Adam.
    He starches out his hand to see what he hit his hand press against something invisible. He pushed on it with one hand than both than putting his shoulder into it. It still wounding budge he cast a few spell on it but all they did was
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the elemental monarchs
    Chapter 3
    The light of truth will burn all lies
    A foul smell woke Adam form his sleep “ohh what is that smell” said Adam lifting his head up from the book he used has a pillow plugging his nose
     “Sorry that would be my fault”
    Adam turned to see James in the door frame covered in what look like sewage “what did you do run thought a swear” asked Adam keeping his nose plugged
     “Hey a greed spirt run into the swears trying to get away thinking that none of us would chase after him well be pay for the mistake with his life”
    “Right right is there anything I can help you with” said Adam waving his hand in front of himself hoping it would keep the stick away from himself
     “Me no but master chin-saw want you”
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the elemental monarchs
    Chapter 2
    The way of darkness
    Adam woke with a splitting headache pressing his hand to his head hoping it would decrease   the size of he’s headache. “we call get those when we first use our spirts” the volume of the voice was normal but to Adam it felt like someone was yelling at him while being two inch away from him and the flipping of a coin didn’t help wither
     “Not so loud it feel like someone used my head has a battering ram and would you stop flipping that thing around.” Said Adam truing to the sources of the voice and coin flipping.
     He was a man leading on the door frame wearing a smug look on his face wearing biker cloths without the fringe and having his hair tied back into a small pony tall.
    “Would you prefer I yell at you because that heada
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the elemental monarchs
A man wake at night leaving work waking past street lambs and over flowing trash can. When a sound catch his attraction a shriek  like a bird echo nearby mix with a scream that sound like a female and angry he goes to investigate it. He see light coming from the ally two blocks away from him he approached the ally and see something that looks impossible. A man with wing of fire protruding from his back fight a succubus. The man flies into the air with brake neck speed descending on the succubus his fist ablaze with fire. Striker her in the jaw luges over a nearby trashcan the man coming in for a kick but she move out of the way. The succubus see him.
    Her blue eyes lock with the brown “protect me Adam” she calls.
    Adam fell his legs moving to her with the urge to protect her from her attacker. He stop moving when a shriek echo off the ally walls again Adam eyes cleared of the fog form her voice and see  her dead on the
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Chapter 8



The atmosphere change has the eclipse approach the outpost and headquarter once a place of great joy now where filled with fear and terror. Wielder stared to travel in packs and buying anything they thought they would need to be ready for the eclipse Alex was no exception when he wasn’t clean the training room he bought a few potion that would be helpful in keeping his energy up. It was the day before the eclipse that Alex was finished with his punishment

“I’ve got ball kid” said a male voice Alex look up from emptying the mop bucket he was using to see Jon standing in the doorway

“I guest you’ve been told”

 “everyone know what you did  that why I said you’ve got ball”

 “hey well you know my reason”

“trust me there are time when I want to use my power to get people to talk I know those reason”

 Alex put the bucket down and but the mob back in it “how long have you know”

“about the eclipse about three month about then spying on you not until you pull that stunned”

“but you know what was going” said Alex pushing the mop bucket back in the closets

 “hey I know and reason why we didn’t say anything is because we wanted to avoid what you’ve been seeing has of late”

 “tell me about it” said Alex pushing the mop bucket into the closet and closing the door

 “so what’s the plan”

“that’s why I’m here the master want to see”

 “all of them or just lean”

 “all of them.” Alex head for the door Jon step out of the door fame to let him pass

“and don’t let lean get to you she mean well she just…” said Jon

 “cold” said Alex

 “more calculating she forget where human not machines”

“right” said Alex heading for the stares.

 Alex made his way to the meeting hall people where giving him a wide berth think that with one touch they would kill them. Alex had a good idea who spared the rumored around that he was the herald of doom but he couldn’t worrier about it right now. He was at the white house building

“name” said one of the guard

 “Alex O’Connell” said Alex the guards pushed open the doors and Alex step on thought the room where his fate was decide was still the same. There was a small group of people in the center of the room all range from different ages to different skin types but they all had the same worried look on their face

 “good our all here” said Conner.

the master enter from a side room “does these have to do with tomorrow” said a female with a French accent

“yes it very much does” said chin-saw

“has you all know the eclipse will give Darkest his change to break out we can’t let that happen starting at midnight every darkness wielder and hopeful well be put into a deep sleep until the eclipse has passed”

 “why are they hopeful being put to sleep” asked a guy with a Japanese accent

 “we don’t know whether their spirt are darkness or not so where not taking any changes” said master martin

 “while we are taking care of that every master and journeymen well cover the world while the initiate help the  light wielder in  keeping  all the wielder sleep”

“than why are we here” said a men in an India accent

 “because all of you have two spirts”

 “or more” said someone in the back.

They all look at Alex “yes or more but all of you will be helping use. While you are all less susceptible to darkest influences our spirts are not they will be corrupted and any part of you that use them will also be corrupted but there is a way to get around it Elisa”

Elisa summoned wraith “wraith begone” wraith dissipating right in front of them

“these will cut our conation to our spirt not to worrier it easy to get them back you just need to call them again” said chin-saw

 “than I have a question if we can banished our spirts than way would you need to put master Elisa and other wielder to sleep wouldn’t be easier just to it that way” asked Alex the other welder mutter and nodded and what he said

“it would but  we be useless once we banished then we have no way of casting spell” Elisa draw a line in midair but nothing happen

 “I see” said Alex

“the moment you wake up you are to banished our dark spirt and come here wait and for use”

“danzo not going to like it” said the same voice in the back

“tell him to get over it” said master lean viciously

“lean easy” said Conner

 “that is all we have for you for now you are free to go” said chin-saw.

Everyone made their way to the doors Alex went looking for the person that was in back. Alex found her just has she finished descending the stairs

“hey hey miss” she turned when Alex call her.

Alex caught up to her. She wear coal miner gear and had her hair tied back into a short pony tall and her face was covered in soot

“thank for putting the spot light on me”

she shrug “it had to be said” she said

“no it didn’t” she rolled her eyes at what he said

 “so our the herald of doom” she said staring to walk again

 “apparently yes” said Alex keeping pace with her

“uhhh I thought you be taller” she said.

Alex look at her funny “you thought I be taller”

“hey with all these talk about you ending the world I thought you be taller and muscular but the hap was for nothing”

“you know our the first that hasn’t flinch around me”

“I don’t believe in rumor like these one rumor that you attack when someone talk to you”


“I know” she said making a right turn “it’s just one of these things” she said

 they walk in silence  for a while “so danzo our spirt”

 “spirts” she correct ascending the stair to the portal room

“but it’s one word”

“that because he’s unique he’s a two head dragon dan an earth dragon and zo is darkness I just put them together” one of her ears prick up.

She made a mouth hand motion and distorted face

“they hate don’t they”

 “ho very much so but it the only way I can summon both of them” she said has they both enter the portal room

“any way the name Lisa”

 “Alex” putting his hand out

“know that” Lisa said shocking his hand.

They both went to different portal that would take them home. It was dark outside when Alex got home he check his clock and saw that it was 9 clock he had an hour before heading to sleep. He grab a block of cheese and cut part of it off he put the rest away. He went around his house checking to make sure he had everything he need for tomorrow

“tomorrows the big day” said jasmine in Alex head

 “yep” said Alex talking a bite out of his cheese

 “and I miss out on all the fun” said Marcuse

“yes trying to keep someone in their cage is very fun” lifting up a bottle to see what was inside.

 “hey guys can I ask a question” putting the bottle down

 “sure” they said together

“do we have a change at keeping Darkest sealed”

 “what bought these up” asked jasmine.

 Alex put his hand into his desk shadow and pulled an ancient book. It’s spin was almost gone most of the cover was ineligible and a page almost fell out

“I found these in the darkness outpost after I had finished clean the room  it give a detail count of what he did after his betrayal and the stuff I’ve read has keep me up at night so I ask do we have a change at keep him sealed”

they didn’t relay immediately which Alex took to mean that they didn’t have a  change

“yes” said Marcuse

“what” said Alex

 “he said yes and I agree” said Illdea

 “but the thing he’s done”

 “where done a long time ago he’s been seal for century guard by the most power spell and by every grand master and master and they were able to keep him sealed so yes it can be done” said jasmine confidently.

Alex look back at the book

 “look” said Marcuse manifesting himself “if you believe these book than he will get released but if you believe in ourselves than he won’t be so which do you believe in the herald of doom” pointing at the book “or ourselves” pointing at Alex.

 Alex eyes move form Marcuse to the book and back to Marcuse. Than a small smile appeared on his face “I wish I had you for a father”

“some people really wish that” said Marcuse.

Alex chucked at that “right than” said Alex compose himself “what we need to do next is figure out who’s going to talk our place”

“that would be me” said Illdea

 “how if what I feel every time I use our power our only good at spell not close quarter combat”

“that may be true but I add a little of my own  power to our attacks to give that extra kick”

“so our a jack of all trades”

“yep I specialize and long range attack spell but I can do close quarter combat and defense when need”

 “alright than their just one thing to do” he faced Marcuse “sorry about these”

“it has to be done”

 “Marcuse begone” Marcuse dissipated Alex could feel his connation to him disappearing he shock his right hand it felt almost dead to him

“when these is over I’m never doing that again” said Alex truing in for the night.

The day of the eclipse arrived Alex ate a quick breakfast grab all the potion he would need put on the cloths that could get ruin and traveled the light way to headquarters. No one was in the vortex room Alex thought that they were all outside trying to keep the evil spirts in check Alex made his way to the meeting hall everywhere he look he saw stall closed side streets empty and only a few building with light on. Alex enter the meeting hall a few people showed up before him the female with the French accent a black guy wearing lose cloth and Lisa she was rubbing her shoulder Alex walk over to her

“rough night” Alex asked

“try rough morning I banished zo and it feel like half my body is dead”

“same with my shoulder to my hand”

 “did last night”


 “wish I thought of that” said Lisa shacking her leg trying to walk it up.

 The other wielder that Alex saw yesterday where making their way in and they had the same problem has Lisa with different part of their bodies

“good everyone here” said Conner has the last wielder enter the room “Elisa give the location to Darkest prison now before we go is there anything you need to do for once we leave there is no going back until the eclipse is over” said Conner has the other master appeared.

 No said a thing “alright lean our up” truing to her.

Lean be gone to cast a spell a vortex appeared but it was flimsy unusable “Erik go” said lean thought gritted teeth.

 A guy with a pony tail jump  thought the portal the portal was becoming increase unstable and lean has sweat running down her face. Than it become to strengthen and stables

“aright everyone move it” said Conner everyone jump thought the portal.

 They all landed in what felt like sun light magnified 100 time over

 “ahhhhh I can’t see” said Alex. Alex straight out his hand to feel where he was. he heard thumps around him

“blink a few him” said Conner.

 Alex blinked a few time and everything came back into focus their where in a hallway that look like it was built around ancient Egyptian time. Alex felt a drop hit his head he look up to see that the celling was covered in moss and the top of the pillar has well there was picture on the wall depiction a great battle at eye level. Alex saw people getting off the floor Alex figured that thumps he heard where people running in the wall. Lean collapse the moment she was thought the portal she breathe in very heavily she took something form her side and drank it whole. She stared to breath normally and color was turning to her face.

She got to feet “right” she said leaving the bottle on the floor

“we all know where to go” the masters nodded and turned to the group

“earth wielder with me” said martin

“wind with me” said rein

 “water with me” said lean

“fire with me” said Conner.

Everyone went to their master “grab a hold of me” said Conner.

Alex grip the hood of his jacket. Conner closed his eyes and fire enveloped them. They were now standing in front of their most heavily lock door any security system would be laughable compared to these door

“Alright everyone you know what our good. Take a position where you’ll be most effective expect for you Alex our coming with me” Alex stayed behind while everyone else took up position.

 Conner garbed Alex shoulder and flame enveloped them again. When the flame dissipated Alex almost screamed in terror suspend in a transparent sphere was a monster out of his worst nightmare. It was black has night arms and legs longer an a giraffe neck spike going started down it back to his tail ending in an arrow head 7 foot horns sticking out of its forehead he was in fetal position legs cover it face arms wrapping  around his legs and it tail wrapping around it’s body. Alex step away from it trying to keep his fear down

“deep breath deep breath” said Conner grapping Alex and gently pushing him to the group.

 Alex just sat their breath for what felt like an eternity trying to get his fear under control “is that who I think that is” said Alex finally finding his voice

“yes that is Darkest” said Conner.

 Alex wanted to curl into a ball and hid somewhere he couldn’t see Darkest “how are you not shocking like mad” asked Alex slowly getting up his knees tell shocking like mad

“I’ve seen the lord of fire and learned way to control my fear now you and I are the last line of defense if they get passed everyone else it’s our job to stop at all cost” said Conner

“got it” said Alex heading for the stair that lead to the sphere.

 Alex looked around the room had the same pictograms has the hallway and there was a hole in the roof that allowed sun light to enter the room

“we have a few hours before the eclipse” said Conner finishing a spell “you can look around”

Alex head over to the pictograms. It look like three monster and two human looking spirts where destroying everything and only the pharaoh elite guard where keeping the people safe barely. Has Alex followed the picture he saw that a great and power wielder was able to stem the tide he look human form the chest down he head had the face of a bird and a disk on top of his head Alex took a close look at it and recognized it

“ra was a wielder” said Alex shocked

 “hey every so call god or goddess is a wielder that fought against a monarch and seal them” said Conner finishing another spell.

Alex followed the pictogram and saw ra sealing Darkest into where he is now. How the wielder of darkness reverted back to normal and help seal a great dragon. It was the same pattern until a rock giant was sealed. The pictograms showed great civilization raising and fall people raising and fall

“so these pictograms show the real history of the world” asked Alex looking at Stalin shooting Hitler

 “yep we modified event so that these world remains a secrets but the prison and the our headquarter tell what really happened” Conner looked up at the sky

“we still have an hour before it starts” Alex pulled at his soul phone and pulled up the timer set it for 55 minutes and stared the time.

Alex continue to look at the pictograms while Conner did some last minute defense. Alex timer went off 5 minutes until the eclipse Alex took up a position in front of the stairs Conner between him and the door.

Conner pulled out his soul phone “these is red one calling for all call sign”

 “blue one in position”

 “green one in position”

“gray one in position” white one everything under control”

“alright everyone on my mark and mark” their where five different beep headed on Conner soul phone

“good luck everyone” said Conner putting his soul phone in his pocketed.

 Alex look up and saw that the moon had almost cover up the sun. Conner all nimbus he flew into his back and Conner took has fighting stance Alex did the same thing jasmine from his shield and Illdea made his armor and a sword. Alex notice it

“I’m not a big fan of mess weapons” said Illdea.

 Alex didn’t have a choose because the lights is the room where diming he look up and the eclipse was happening. Alex got ready for anything the seconds starch on and on soon the seconds turned into minutes Alex keep looking up at the eclipse it was nearing its end for the light in the room where growing brighter but something was off he turned to Darkest he hadn’t moved once snice the eclipse started and he was told that these would be his only change to escape. Alex went to his prison and look at it

“something wrong” asked Illdea

“more like something missing the eclipse is almost over and yet there no one here trying to break him out”

“so that a good thing” said jasmine.

 Alex grimaced if it was a good thing than way was he so uneased about it Alex had to make sure that he was wrong “Marcuse you their”

“hey I’m here” said Marcuse.

 I numbest speared thought Alex being these close to Darkest should have made Marcuse a frothing monster instead he was acting normal he check his right hand and that was still normal. Alex looked at the light he had a few minutes before the eclipse was over Alex had to make sure he was right

“please tell me I’m wrong” said Alex raising the sword Conner turned his head

“alex alex alex ALEX NO” shouted Conner has the sword cut thought Darkest prison.

 Sphere disintegrating and Darkest fell on the floor with a thud. He hang their like a gymnastics using a balance bean like a body rest

“Alex did you have any idea what you just did you’ve released….”

 “ A CORPSE” intertied Alex

 “a what” said Conner confused

“it’s a corpse if Darkest was in there than he be moving his not” Conner took a close look at Darkest and saw that Alex was right he wasn’t moving and there wasn’t any power enmity from him

“that’s impossible that’s impossible that wielder back than made our that it was him”

“well they screwed up”

“that impossible they’ve would have known if it was a fake when they seal him”

“oh i was did seal but you see I had a little help getting out” said a cold spine thickly voice.

 Alex and Conner trued to see James standing in the doorway leaning against the doorframe flipping his coin

“James should you be sleep” asked Alex.

 James look down at what he was wearing “uhhhh I guess I can get rid of these disguised after all my plane has come to flourish” change into a guff menacing voice.

the shadow darken around him he grew a few inches his hair got longer and could see facial hair growing and his cloth change to look like a suit. When the shadow dissipated a different man was leaning on the doorframe his hair was black his bread was black has well he wear a tailor made suit with a bullet hole his skin was white and his eyes where a dark green color. All the color in Alex face drained out and his whole body was shacking badly from fear he pointed a shacking finger at the man

“I shot you” said Alex squeaking a little.

The man lifted the flap of his suit up reveling the under shirt stained with blood

 “you did right thought the hearted the only thing you did right” he said disdain

 “master Marcuse” said Conner shocking Alex out of his fear

“how do you know my dad name” truing to Conner

“DAD” shouted Conner shocked.

Marcuse laughed out of sure delight “some clarification in can order”

 he said pushing himself of the doorframe “that right Conner that pail of useless skin next to you is my son and has to how Conner know me boy it’s sample really I was the one to showed him these world I was the one who suggested he become a grand master but I’m not just some ordinary wielder I was the one who succeeded Elisa I was the grand master of darkness” said Marcuse.

 Alex shock he had vigorously  “no way no way they never let a bastard like you be a grand master”

“I played a very clever game” he smile showing he fangs

“but if Alex shot you than how are you alive” said Conner

“because I’m not the only one here” he said tapping the side of his head.

 Another shadow appeared behind Marcuse it was exactly like the Darkest copse only it was moving out of the shadow behind Marcuse a face was formed it’s teeth where shape has shark teeth it’s eyes nothing be pure black and the face look like it was starch on it. he’s smile made it face contoured into the embodiment of evil “say hello Darkest”

“hello” said the same cold voice.

They both stood there in utter disbelieve a grand master help the monarch of darkness get freed and the grand master was just standing there when he should be dead

“well these is getting dull we have thing to do so Marcuse knight of wraith come to me” said Darkest.

 Alex look at his hand it was darkening and spike where protruding from it “ho no you don’t MARCUSE KNIGHT OF WRAITH BEGOINE” said Alex cutting his connection to Marcuse his hand return to normal

“ooohhh that wasn’t very nice” said Marcuse mockingly

“shut up” said Alex

 “or else what” he said moving in to the room the light he pass all flicked and died

“Conner report” said martin.

Conner went for his soul phone but the pocket was empty “looking for these” said Marcuse holding up a red stone with bird wings.

 Conner was shock beyond believe Marcuse tossed it over his shoulder “you won’t be needing that now than who would like to be the first to die” said Darkest and Marcuse together.

 All the rage he had for his father and the angry that had subside came back in a roar out of Alex mouth. He charge at Marcuse swing a flaming sword aiming to cut his father head off. His sword come into contact with something releasing a firestorm for the sword and hitting Marcuse at point blank. When the flames dissipated Marcuse was still standing no burn marks on him and the thing his sword came into contact with was his pointer figure. Alex was in shock he poured everything he had and it didn’t faze his father at all. Marcuse slowly turned his head smiling like thing where normal

“ooooowwwwww was that spouse to hurt” he lend in to whispering in Alex ears “let me show you how to hurt someone” whispering Marcuse. He flicked Alex in the stomach.

 Alex was send flying thought the air heading the stand that once held Darkest. He could feel his spine braking and the back of his ribcage. Jasmine went to work quickly healing the damage that had been done just has Alex ripped himself out of the hole he created. Alex went after him again casting spell after spell before swing his sword to chop him in half. All of his attack went right thought him. Before the swing came into contact with his middle he grab Alex by the thought and felted him.

Marcuse made a tsk-tsk sound “our letting our angry control you” Alex tried to cast another spell.

Marcuse tiding the grip on Alex throat “I don’t think” a flaming fist hit him in the face stopping him form talking.

The punch didn’t faze him heather he pushed the fist side “was that supposed to hurt Conner” said Darkest and Marcuse together.

Conner kicked him in the face but didn’t hurt him at all. Marcuse just shrug “ok” they said.

He let go of Alex and send out a shockwave that send both Alex and Conner flying to the other side of the room. Their ears where rings but they both could still hear him

“well it’s been fun but the beach is calling” producing a hat out of the shadow and putting on his head “and I hear it lovely these time of year” said Marcuse disappearing into a shadow.

Chapter 7


“ok first are you completely insane” said Marcuse “I like creating trouble has much has the next dark spirt but stilling nimbus that’s not trouble that’s getting use killed”

 “I’m not going to keep him just get Conner attention”

“oh oh his attention way not just steal the other master spirt while where at it that will most certainly get their attention and get use killed” said jasmine

 “look I will only chapter him if he doesn’t answer my question” said Alex

 “the plan is still insane first you torture the Russian and now you want to capture a grand master spirt you a walking on a very tight rope” said jasmine pointing an accusing figure at him

 “first It wasn’t  torture in the normal sense and second would you guys like being spied on without know why”

“they must have their reason” said Illdea “

 “and I want to know those reason.”

 All was silence between them

 “I have one condition” said Marcuse Alex looked at him “if we do these we set the limited we deiced if our going too far when we say stop you stop got it” Alex nodded

 “alright let those these”

“I seem to be doing a lot of questionable thing since I was crated but I’m in” said jasmine

“you’ll need someone to hold him if you want to get Conner attention” said Illdea flying over to Alex shoulder

 “alright let’s get stared nimbus I need to talk to you” said Alex.

 Nimbus didn’t come

 “nimbus” called Alex still he didn’t come.

Alex stared to pace trying to figure out why nimbus didn’t come his spirt seating on the roof watching him pace. Than the  memory of him summon his spirt come to his mind

“hey those title you have what are they” asked Alex they all look at each other confused “the knight of wraith shield maiden and phoenix of rebirth what are they” said Alex clarifying his question

 “well their like identifier” said Marcuse

 “there are like what 30 phoenix” asked Marcuse

 “25” Illdea corrected

 “right and anyone of them could have the same name has Illdea so those title has you called them identify which you want to summon”

“but Conner can summon him without his title”

 “because he is bounded to him” said jasmine

“just like we are to you you can summon use just by name but those that are not they have to get specific about who they want to summon”

 “so there more like characteristic of who you guys are” asked Alex

 “yep” said Marcuse

 “Ok” murmured Alex to himself “what makes nimbus unique” Alex thought about what could make nimbus unique from the time he saw him. It wasn’t anything he saw visual or his pride it had to something that work well with Conner has well. Than to slowly came to him

 “his speed” whispered Alex “nimbus the swift I need to talk to you” shouted Alex

 a slip steam of flame shot passed Alex left ear the flame shot pass his spirt curved up into the air and shot straight down to where Illdea was seating. Illdea got out of the way. The flame dissipated to reveal nimbus standing there and hopping in place “Alex I thought it was you calling”

 “I need to ask you some question”

 “I’m all ears” said nimbus happily

 “why are the grand masters spying on me” nimbus stop hopping he was silence one of his talon stared to tap

 “I can’t say” nimbus said

 “can’t or won’t”

 “both look Alex everything the master do they do for a reason and that include spying on people”

 “but you know” “yes I know but I won’t tell you”

Alex turned around thinking for another solution “you need to tell why” said Alex turning his head to see nimbus

 “I’m under no obligation to tell and you won’t get anything from me” said nimbus firmly.

 Alex turned his  head back “than I’m sorry”

 “for” said nimbus a little fidge

t “for these incator inflameus incatoures” said Alex turning to face nimbus has flames shout out of his hand to from a cage. The cage closed before nimbus realize what had happen

 “hey let me out” shouted nimbus bounce around the cage. The cage held even when nimbus went all out nimbus slowed down breathing heavily and using his wing for support when he couldn’t break out of the cage

“you…think….you….can…. get me… to talk” said nimbus angrily

 “no but these will be Conner attention” said Alex seating on the roof ledge waiting. He didn’t have to wait long Alex heard a portal open below him in the ally someone shooting out of it and heading for the roof. Alex got off the roof ledge just has the flame where dissipating form the person body. Conner was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and pants his flame where blue has well has he’s wing. Conner got into a fighting stance when he saw Alex and everyone else.

 Conner was shock “Alex what did you kidnap nimbus”

 “first I didn’t” Alex waved his hand and the cage disappeared nimbus shot to Conner and landed on his shoulder the blue flames disappeared

 “than why did I lose my connation to him” asked Conner crossing his arm

“because I need to get our attention” said Alex getting up from the roof ledge “why have you been spying on me”

 “we haven’t”

“don’t play dum with me I just interrogated a wind wielder and nimbus confronted so please for the love of god tell me you where spying on me”

Conner began to tap his elbow “that’s a need to know bases and you don’t need to know”

“tell me or I’ll beat it out of you” said Alex

“Alex” said Marcuse

“you think you can take me on” said Conner

 “I’ve beating you once and I can to it again”

 “Alex” said Marcuse a little more harder

 “I was holding back  still think you can take me on” said Conner angrily

“I know I can” said Alex his armor mace and shield appearing while Conner hand and leg ignited and his wing where formed


 “ENOGUTH” Both Conner and Alex look at each other than a foot step out of the vent shadow. The shadows recede to revels Elisa stepping out of the shadow.

 “Thank you for informing me of these turn of event wraith”

 “my pleasure” said a slick voice behind Alex.

Alex look behind him to see his shadow moving by itself. Alex eye bulge out has his shadow moved to Elisa and floated up and changing. Its leg disappeared its arms and body change becoming long and spindle it face change to look like the face of a serial killer.

 “how long was he in my shadow” said Alex completely shock and feeling violated

 “about two mouth” said Elisa

“say what” said Alex weaving his hand around  his body like he was naked

 “relax he didn’t see anything important” said Elisa waving her hand side to side

“says you you didn’t have a stalker in our shadow”

“first” lifting up one figure “I’m not a stalker and second” lifting another figure “I didn’t relay anything important”

“depends on what you call important ” said Alex

“regardless we have enough information to make our decision now let go” said Elisa heading back into the shadow Conner following

“what information what decision” said Alex even more confuse

 “you want to know the truth than you we follow use” said Elisa entering the shadow.

 Alex didn’t have a choose it was follow them or remain in the dark. His spirts disappeared off his body but he could still hear them in his head Alex follow  the master into the shadow

 “master exception shadow walk” said someone on the other side.

The shadow recede around Alex. He look around to see a platform on the other side and a swirling aqua vortex and a person stepping out of it he look to his left and right and saw similar vortexes each a different color. He look to his right to a women in her forties look at a clipboard. She look up form it when she felt Alex was looking at her

“you better get moving I’ve 18 other wielder coming in today” she said waving the clipboard around in a circle.

 Alex when down the ramp and got up with Elisa and Conner at the bottom. They both turned and head for the other side of the room with Alex behind them. Other wielder keep appearing thought the vortexes all heading for the same door. They passed the doors. Alex jaw drop they were in a city a massive city the like of which were never seen before the city was glowing with different color from bright red to black sprits that could fly where everywhere and major landmarks from both the unite state and Europe where all placed in the city. every landmark was pristine like they were just first build

 “someone will give you the tour later on come on where going to be late” said Conner already down a lift of stairs

 “wait was is these place” shouted Alex squeezing his way pass people to catch up to Conner and Elisa

“our headquarter” said Elisa

“wait these is where all the outpost stay in contacted with” said Alex

 “yes”  said Conner

 “holy cow” said Alex taking in his surrounded.

 He stay close to Conner and Elisa people where making a path for them where has they walk Alex keep spinning like a slow moving  top trying to take in everything he saw the statue of liberty big ben and so much more.

“These way” said Elisa truing left they were going to a building that look like the white house.

they climbed the steps up the building the main door where guarded on each side of the door Conner and Elisa showed something to the guard that was around their neck and Conner said something to them they nodded and they open the door. They all enter the room. It was lit by different color of touches each the same color has the color in the vortexes Alex saw four other people in the room talking to one and other he recognized  master chin-saw the Pegasus next to him was made out pf pure light. “Let us take our seat” said Elisa.

 Everyone took their seats “Alex please step into the center” said Master Elisa from the raised stand.

Alex step into the center of the room feeling like he was in trail. Alex look at the six faced and spirts that where their all but two where unreadable Conner was still mad at what Alex did and a woman with black hair some of the stances where dyed green giving Alex a death stare

 “you already know half the council master chin-saw of light” chin-saw nodded seating on the far right side

“master Conner of fire” Conner didn’t move

 “master martin of earth” the buffy  guy on Elisa left waved

“master lean of water” she twitch  her head indicated who she was Alex saw something moving around her figure

 “master rein of wind”

 “one of my wind wielder write a very color message about you” rein said in gentle voice

“I had my reason”

 “and I look forward to hearing them” she said

“and myself we are the grand master we decide what the protector do”

 “OK but what does these” moving his hand in a wide arch” have to do with me”

“never miss a beat” said martin in a Spanish accent Alex blinking a few time he just understood someone from another element

 “later” said master Elisa

 “now we must cast our fate vote.”

 “Ready when you are” said a voice Alex turned to a very detail statue with a scroll and pen at the ready. The floor begin to glow Alex moved away from the glowing light a 2 dimensional square appeared the top part was blank below it where six symbol each representing  the six elements

“today we cast our vote on whether Alex O’Connell should live or die” said master Elisa

 “WHAT” shouted Alex

“who vote for death” said master Elisa ignoring Alex outburst lean raised her and the symbol of water turned red

 “explain” said master Elisa

“while he has shown great character  and will not  be tempted by the darkness he still remains a threated he has three spirts with that kind of power he could do what every he want and it would take all of use to stop him I say we kill him now before he grow to powerful”

“we all grow over time master lean we must decide how we use are growing power” said master martin

 “so our  ok with torture and imprisonment”


 “I have a wind wielder that say otherwise” said master rein

 “it was all illusion ask wraith he was in my shadow he know what I was doing”

“is it true wraith” asked Elisa looking at her spirt

 “I did sense another spell being cast one for langue and the other was an eye spell”

 “there wasn’t any pencil was their” asked Elisa to Alex

 “no because it was an illusion I used his shadow  to make him think that I had a pencil near his eye”

“and since shadow are mirror image they will send the same pain to the physically body” said Elisa Alex nodded

 “clever” said chin-saw

“clever or not that does not change a thing if these what he does when he want answer imaging what length he’ll go to get then ” said master lean,

 they all pondered on what she said

“those for spearing him” Conner chin-saw and Elisa hand went up and they symbol turned green

“you can’t not abstain ” said master Elisa

 “I know that I’m just thinking” said master martin

 “master lean makes a good point but we must also look at from a different angle”

 “what angle” said master lean

 “the angle of spirts” said a low rumble voice.

a spirt behind martin move to show his weather rock  face “how do we know that you won’t do what you did to nimbus again or any other spirt”

 “because I wasn’t planning on keeping him in the cage forever I just want to get Conner attraction”

“but you have a soul stone could you not use that to get Conner attraction”

“and asked the question that you asked me” said nimbus scornfully

“and what get the run around from Conner  no thanks I may be  the most hate guy right now but it was the only I could get answer and  I still haven’t got any” said Alex

 “you seek answer yet you went straight to torture to get then” said master martin

 “I asked the wind wielder like five time before I faked his torture you can ask him and my spirts”

 “he is right” said wraith

 “than I vote he lives” said master rein her symbol truing green

“why” said master lean

 “because he has great character and from what I’ve seen and the reports I’ve been giving he will try to do the right thing before putting a foot over the line.”

Martin tip his chin pondering everything he rocked his chair back and forth still in deep thought. He put his chair back on all four “I have given everything that was said some thought and I’ve thought about we could happen and I see that there is only one decision to make I vote he live”

 all the symbol turned green “than the vote has been passed he shale live.”

Alex let out the air that been holding since he finished he explanation of the fake torture

 “but that does not mean our off the hook for our action” said Elisa

“fine I’ll take any punishment that you give me I just want to know why you’ve been spying on me”

 “because of these” said Elisa pulling out a piece of paper.

 Rein twitch her figure and the piece of paper levitate over to Alex. Alex took it and saw that it was torn there was only one line at the very top pf the paper “the herald of doom shale have thrice spirts.”

Alex covered his ears and flailed around like mad his sprits where shouting their protest at what they’ve read “they can manifest here”

 “GOOD BECAUSE I HAVE A BONE TO PICK WITH YOU ALL” shouted Marcuse manifesting himself jasmine and Illdea did the same


 “him finding out about these world can’t be a coincidence it time almost perfectly with the eclipse”

 “ho so just because we our timing is to prefect that make use the bad guy that is complete crap what doom is it” taking the piece of paper from Alex and showing the grand master “talking about for all we know he could be the herald of doom for our enemies”

“I highly doubt that considering these eclipse is the only change Darkest  has to escape” said master Elisa the tempter in the room dropped  and the touch dim

 “who” said Alex pulling his figure out of his ear

“Marcuse” said Elisa

 Alex turned to see Marcuse was shocking badly “the betrayer” Alex heard the regret and dismay in Marcuse voice


 “our former monarch”

 “wait you have a leader” said Alex

 “they all did at one point” said Conner

 “long ago their where six spirt that were so powerful that they crated the spirt realms and ruled over it together they were call the monarch until the betrayal ” said Conner

 “what happen”

 “the monarch of light was killed and the other monarch where twisted into darker more monstrous version of themselves and stared to run rampant in our world” said master chin-saw

 “not only that their madness spread to the other spirts twisted both spirt and wielder has well only wielders of light where able to stop them and free the other wielder from the monarchs madness” said master Conner

 “each was place in a prison here on earth and during center time of the century the monarch have a change to break out of their prison Darkest is no expectation the eclipse that is coming will give him the change he need to break out” said master Conner.

 Alex felt weak at the knees a great evil had a change to be released and he was going to play a role in it’s release his knees couldn’t take it any more they give out from the overload

 “a lot to take in but that is why you were being spied on” said Elisa.

 Alex didn’t know what to say he mind was trying to understand everything that had just been said. A great evil was coming and Alex might have a roll to playing in it.

“you said that I’m the herald of doom right” said Alex coming out of his deep thoughts and getting onto  one knee

 “right” said master lean

 “and that the prophecy is torn right”

 “correct” said master martin

 “so what if Marcuse is right what of I’m the herald of doom for our enemy and not for the worlds”

“what make you think our enemy would fear you” said master Elisa

 “because” said Alex getting back on his feet “I’m not the same person I was four mouth ago back than I didn’t care about anyone or anything back than I was so angry at the world that giving the change I would hit the big red button to destroy the world but now I have something to fight for something you all give me and something you give back to me”

 “and what is that” asked lean

 “you all  show me a new world a world that I’ve  barley even touch and I get to change the world even if it’s small and you guys give me my aunt I feel like I have a family again something I hadn’t felt in a long time so hey I would be the herald of doom if our enemy got to me first but you guy beat then to it so I say I am the herald of doom to our enemy because I going to fight Darkest with everything I have” the tempter and the touches where only slightly effect.

Everyone was in stun silence including the statue that was supposes to keep records.

“we’ll see about that” said lean breaking the silence “for now we have a punishment declare”

“agreed” said chin-saw “Alex O’Connell for our action of torture and imprisonment a spirt without authoritarian you will spent the next mouth cleaning the training room in every outpost and here has well”

“and you will being doing the clean by hand no spirt help is that understood” said master lean.

 Alex nodded

“than these meeting is adjourn” said master Elisa.

The master all stared to move heading for the door

 “what that it” said Alex

“why is there something we miss” asked master Elisa

 “hey I was able to understand master martin and he has a Spanish accent”

“because each of us has a rune that translates for use when the person we talk to doesn’t have the same element we do” said Elisa

“ohh and before I stared my punishment can I have a look around these place”

 “no” said master lean

“you well stared now now head to the training room for fire and get to work” pointing at the door

“ok ok it was just a question” said Alex head for the door.

 he enter the fire room and it was a mess books everywhere scorch mark on the walls and floors. Alex located the closet and pulled out all the tool he need to clean the fire room and stared to work

 “our lucky” said jasmine

 “hhhmm” said Alex finishing dusting his three book case

 “our lucky that they didn’t give a more severe punishment”

“you do know I have to clean 42 training room right”

“and they could have lock you up here for a week for what you did alone with the cleaning you have to do”

 “they can do that” said Alex finishing organization a shelf

“they can and  we wouldn’t do anything because you would deserved it”

“I didn’t hit Conner”

“but you didn’t hear me when I call our name” said Marcuse

 “so I got up in the moment”

 “is that what you call it or did you want to vent our angry on someone” said Illdea.

“it was the moment ok I need answer and Conner was stonewalling me so I last my cool there for a bit” said Alex shavings a book in a little hard than needed

 “hey I know I felt it was similar to the angry you have towards our father and if it got worst you would have become a wraith spirit attacking everything in our path” said Illdea

 “ok I get it get my angry under control so I don’t become an evil spirt” said Alex dusting the last bookshelves

 “you better” said Illdea saying the last word.               

Chapter 6

The bird leave the nest


The next few week for Alex we going up and up from him. him and Jon where able to save ten people from becoming evil spirts his own where working together a lot more better than before with some arguing here and there and he was staying in touch with his aunt everything was going great for Alex. Alex appeared on the roof of the hotel five minutes before he was supposed to started his shift he blank once and could see the rainbow he know it was evil but it was still pretty in a way. Alex waited for Jon but he didn’t show when their shift started Alex just shrug it off and went about his normal business playing chess with his spirts and keeping on the area.

“Alex we’ve a problem” said jasmine Alex look out into the city and saw a green aura getting darker

“oh boy” Alex said getting ready to jump off the building.

His wing appeared has to push himself off the railing his wing catch the current enabling him the stared flying to the green aura. He landed in an ally way and made his to the source of the aura he had to move quickly it was getting darker and darker really quick. He enter the jewelry shop the person he was looking for was right in front of him. A women wearing a fur coat was examining a sapphire on her hand to see if it went well with the rest of her jewelry

 “it look great on the madam” said the salesperson

  “yes it does” said the women.

Alex had to step in now “do you really need it miss” said Alex.

 The lady and seller both look at Alex

“and how are you” she said smugly

“just someone looking for a ring but seriously do you need that ring when you have so many on our figures right now and I bet plenty more in our house”

 “those are thing compare to these this it so pretty and shine”

 “that it is” seeing her aura grow darker

 “but to me it look kind fake”

“it the really deal I assure you miss”  said the salesperson a little hastily.

The women her the seller tone and look at the ring “what make you think it’s fake”

 “simple I collect rare mineral it’s one of my hobby” his right hand shock a little

 “than you would know if it really”


 “than please examine it”

“you have an eyes piece I could borrow” Alex asked the seller.

Sweat was coming down her face when she pulled out her eye piece Alex took the sapphire and put the eye piece near his eye to examine the sapphire. He took his time look at it even thought he had no idea whether the thing was real or not.

“yep it fake” said Alex removing the eye piece from his eye and giving it back to the seller

 “why I never” said the women truing back to the seller and taking off two of the ring on her right hand

 “you can these piece of trash back and I’m never shopping here again” she said heading to the door.

Alex turned to see her aura truing from darker green to light green he smiled a little. He made his way back into the ally he landed in. Jon was leading against a wall when Alex saw him

“where have you been” asked Alex

“lost track of time. Good job with that lady was that sapphire really fake”

“no idea”

“so you lied to her”

 “that a problem”

“yes” said jasmine

 “nope” said Jon

 “will I got one yes and one no so which is it”

“it’s a no our spirt said yes because it’s from the realm of light and lying really isn’t in their inventory of talents”

“and what the matter with being truthful” said jasmine offended

 “you do know he can’t hear you right” said Alex jasmine was quite Alex figured that she was pondering something

“well come on” said Jon pushing himself of the wall “we better get back to the hotel.”

 Alex spouted his wing and Jon feet ignited. Jon left his usually strike of fire in his walk and Alex fabled his wing to get into the air. They were back on top of the hotel building looking over Florida again seeing who else was causing trouble. The sun was setting when their shift ended

 “well that’s it for me” said Jon stretching his arms

 “see you tomorrow” said Alex heading for a shadow

“no you won’t” said Jon

 “what do you mean” said Alex stopping in his track

 “I mean that these was the last day for me to teach you our on our from where on out”

“but I still have much to learn”

“that you do but you won’t learned a thing with me holding our hand you need to learned the rest on our own just remember stay with in our area and if you need help there are plenty of other wielder willing to help you” said Jon standing next to the door.

 Alex ran his hand thought his hair a few time knowing that from now on any mistake he made would be his fault not anyone else “this is big”

“no it’s not these our change to prove we can do what they can” said Marcuse

“but I’m still an acolytes”

“even acolytes have to learned on their own”

“well hey I just thought I have another mouth before these” said Alex.

“I need give one last thing do our job correctly” interrupted Jon

“we’ll talk later” said Alex to Marcuse

“what else do you need to give me” asked Alex

 “give me our stone” aske Jon

 Alex give Jon his stone Jon placed his hand on the stone his hand ignited and the flames went into the stone. Alex didn’t see any changes to it it still look the same when he got it on his first day. Jon toss it back to him Alex look it over and saw that while it’s outer shell didn’t change the way it function did their where new apps on it he press one of them that said schedules. A schedules appeared for one whole mouth time he work and where Alex was going .he closed that app and look at another. These one showed a 3D view of the world with every country and state being cut up.

“One last piece of advice” said Jon interrupt Alex who playing with his upgrade soul stone.

 Alex look up to give Jon his full attention “try not to get so absorb into that thing it had many helpful apps now but they can still cause problem if you use it to much”

“jesses this thing is stared to act more like a cell phone everyday” said Alex putting is soul stone in his pocket

 “sometime will hope to see you around Alex” said Jon open the door and leaving.

“You two” said Alex.

 Alex was about to enter the shadow when out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw a hand made out of pure light he turned to head to the hands direction nothing was their he look around to see if there was someone there their wasn’t “hey jasmine do you sense anything”

 “not a one” replayed jasmine Alex shrugging his shoulder “must have imaging it”

stepping in the shadow and reappearing in his apartments. His double did what it usually did and Alex dismissed him. Alex sat on the couch and pulled out his soul stone and stared to look at all of the new feature Jon had add to it. there was one for location local wielder one for location the outpost and one that give a quick rundown on how to kill particular evil spirts

“dame these thing is going to be very useful” said Marcuse

 “agree” said Illdea

 “hey it will be” said Alex non enthusiastic

 “what with you” said Marcuse

 “it’s just like I said I thought we have more time with Jon before I had to do thing on my own”

“you should” said jasmine

“what do you mean” said Marcuse

 “I’ve been talking to other spirts both current and retired they both said they were with a master for two mouth before they were on their own and we had only 3 weeks” said jasmine

 “maybe just truest use to handle thing on our own” said Illdea

 “it can’t be it has to be something else” said jasmine

“maybe it has something to do with what I saw” said Alex

 “do you have any idea what it was jasmine”

“not a clue I can say  that it look like a hand” said jasmine

 “well what every it was I doubt we’ll fine it again” said Marcuse

 “that may be true but still” said Alex tipping his soul stone a few time to pull up his schedule. He saw what the next 3 week look like

 “Jon must really truest use because where going to Romania at noon tomorrow”

 “will that well be interesting to see how that goes” said Illdea.

 “Indeed” said Alex getting up and heading to his room. Alex had answer his last call before heading to lunch and headed to the bathroom. He pulled out his soul stone to see what part of Romania he was watching. the city of Oradea to the border of Bulgaria Alex summoned his clone and disappeared in the toilets shadow. He appeared on top of a castle in Oradea. The star where out and some of the city light of Oradea where on Alex check his soul stone clock it was 3 clock in the morning. “Well these ought to be quite tonight” said Alex changing to eyes to see the rainbow. Everything was quite there was nothing going on that would make him move 3 hours had gone and nothing happen. After defeating Illdea third time Alex was officially and utterly board. He look around his whole area and nothing was moving there was no sliver of an evil spirt their wasn’t even a cat out searching for food

“why am I here”

 “beat me” said Illdea

 “there is nothing here that would cost an evil spirt to be made in the morning maybe late at night and at” looking at his soul phone “ 10 clock at night but not 6 clock in the morning”

“hey people ought to be walking up by now” said Marcuse

“but it will still take another 4 hours for them to stared moving”

“may be not” said jasmine


 “look” Alex look over the mortar their where people moving but they were transparent and their cloth where from the 15th century

“what the” said Alex

 “what are they” said Illdea

 “ghost from Vlad the impaler time” said a voice in a romaine accent.

 Alex weapons appeared has he was in midswing aiming to take the strange head off who was behind him. His mace sailed right thought him it disrupted his from for a few seconds before it reformed. Alex blink a few time trying to figure out why Marcuse sailed right thought him. The person who spoke look like some general in the 15th century only that was off was that he had an arrow sticking out of his head and many other on his chest

“our dark power won’t work on me my name is Artur since you can see me I’ll skip the history lesson of romaine and get to the part of why you can see ghost”

“that would be grateful” said Alex

 “you can see use because we are bound to the lord and master of these country”

“Vlad the impaler”

“the very same” putting his hand on the mortar and looking at the sun that was slowly rising

“when my king become a vampire he drained all the people here in these village dry of their blood when me and my men returned he came after use  most of use where killed but some of use where wielder and tried to fight him you can see who that went”

 “but the master must have come to stop him”

 “they did but with each person he devoured the more stronger he became by the time they got here they could only contain him in his castle it was some time after word did they see the sideffect of his action”

 “you mean you guys”

 artur nodded “we’ve been like these for century only me and a few other know what’s really happen because where wilder”

“well is there anything I can do to help”

 “unless you’ve figure out a way to kill Vlad no their isn’t anything you could do.”

 Alex was depressed that he couldn’t do anything to help these people. Everyone of then killed by a mad spirt and forced to live their lifes has if nothing happened when time change around them

 “I have to go I can’t stay in the sun for too long”

“might explain why vampire hate the sun”

 artur smiled a little and step thought the wall of the tower. People were starting to go about their business when Alex change shift with an India guy Alex step thought a shadow and was back in his apartment he dismissed he double not interested in what it had to say he pulled out his soul stone and sit on his couch he tap a few apps and had the entire story of Vlad the impaler he scrolled down to when he became a vampire. The master at the time could not harm him let alone kill him they were able to subdue him by feeding him tainted blood then they took his body and sealed it with in his castle to never be reopened again.

“nothing on those people who are still around to these day” said Alex putting his soul stone on the  table

 “what do you expect them to let the world know that there are ghost in these world” said Marcuse


 “that would be opening Pandora box you know those TV show that hunt for prove of ghost”

“uhhh don’t remained me”

“hey if they found out there really eventually they found out of use and it would be end of everything”

“alright I get it” said Alex leading his head back

“when did you  get concrened about secrets” asked jasmine

 “the whole of Europe has skeleton like that has a spirt of darkness I know then all”

 “so you know about the ghost in Oradea” said Illdea


“thank for the head up” said Alex.

 Marcuse didn’t responded figuring it was safer not to. Alex grab his soul stone again and check schedules he was going to Chile next “well these place has to be easier than romaine” said Alex getting up and heading to the kitchen to make dinner.

“Nothing again” said Alex slamming a book shut puff of dust coming off of it.

“Well it not all bad you did learn something new” said Illdea

 “oh I did” said Alex tossing the book behind him. He pointed his figure a made a backwards motion ending with his figure pointed down. The book stop in midair and follow the same path Alex made right into his shadow. Two week of research   of both light and darkness had yield nothing in helping Alex finding a way to free the ghost in Oradea

 “maybe these one will help” said jasmine handing a scroll.

 Alex look at it “jasmine I’ve already read that one it how I’m able to do these” Alex snap his figure and a plate of sliced apple flow to him Alex took one and the plate flow back to its position

 “oh right” said jasmine putting the scroll back where she found it.

 Alex rub his eye together and placed his hand back on the desk. He sat in a chair and look around his guest room open book and scroll where everywhere and plate where stack near the door Marcuse was laying on the bed looking like he was sleep

“maybe there isn’t a way to fix it” said Marcuse

 “there has to be a way” said Alex tipping his chin.

 He waved his hand and all the books and scroll closed and rolled up and flow to him to look at them. Alex stack them all up after looking at them all “none of them help” said Alex slouching in his chair

 “did you think there would ” asked Marcuse changing is position to be sitting on the bed

“yes I thought that the grand master would still be trying to help those people”

 “maybe they are and they haven’t found anything yet” said Illdea

 “well it would help if they shared what they’ve found” said Alex.

 His soul stone went off he tip it a few time to see that it was almost time for him to stared his shift in New York

“will continue these another day” said Alex moving his hand and causing the book and scroll to fly into his shadow.

And turned and saw what look like a foot stepping into his doorframe shadow he lunge at it but caught nothing “ok someone is watching me” said Alex getting up from the floor

“who” said jasmine

 “no idea” Alex was not liking these one bit.             


The next two week for Alex was an up and down roller coaster evil spirt where getting more common his boss being more demanding and Alex was starting to get paranoid two week ago he headed a splash of the coast of japan but didn’t see anyone there. Alex was climbing out of the sewer chasing down and killing a greed spirt

“Jesus why do they think they can get away in the sewer” said Alex smiling his armpits

“no idea” said Marcuse

 “so what the verdict” asked jasmine

 “I’ll need a shower to get clean hey can you guys get ride of the smile”

 “what are we our shower” asked Marcuse offended

 “just asking” said Alex heading for side of a building to fly. Alex wing appeared and he felt a breeze made spirt and it was very close. It flipped his wing to get to the roof. He saw nothing on the roof just some trash and vents. Alex head for the hotel when he couldn’t find anything. Back on the roof the outline of a man begun to from he moved his head and more wind came to give his face detail he grimaced and was disappearing back into the winds. He hit what felt like a wall he tried again some result

 “you know you guys should take a course in dark spell” said Alex the man turned to see Alex waving at him he tried to move but couldn’t and he saw his hand. Alex point down the man followed his figure and saw Alex feet was on his shadow

 “I’ve learned a lot of trick thought my research like has a darkness wielder I can control object shadow but not a person shadow however if any part of my body is touching other person  shadow than they can’t move and in our case their whole body become sold once again”.

 The man look at the rest of his body the wind was making out his detail “since our staying a while I have a question for you why are you following me”

 the wind wielder shout rapid Russian that Alex couldn’t understand

“speak English I can’t understand a word our saying”

 “nnno enligsshh” said the Russian.

Alex than squatted down and place a hand on the Russian shadow he said a quick incantation and purple tendrils appeared on the Russian shadow they stared to snake their way to the Russian. The tentrils climbed up his leg until the reach his brain stem. The tendrils priced his skin. It felt like rods where being applied where the tendril where “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you blasted dammed American” shouted the Russian in his accent

 “they’re we go” said Alex removing his hand for the Russian shadow the purple tendrils disappeared and the Russian didn’t feel the pain anymore

 “what did you do”

 “made it easier to understand each other know when you talk our speaking English and when I’m talking it sound Russian”

“has long has you stay contacted to my shadow I’m familiar with this spell never seemed used before”

“well that not here nor there now I’ll ask you again why are you spying on me”

the Russian didn’t answer but his eyes where roving the skies

 “are you doing for him” said Alex pointing a thump to the ground.

 Marcuse had a bald eagle pined while Illdea had it peak shut

“now that you know our not going anywhere why are you following me”

“I wouldn’t say a thing” said the Russian

 “ok I’ll ask again why are you following me”

 the Russian remained silence “ok I didn’t want to do these” he squatted again and phase his hand thought the Russian shadow and pulled the Russian shadow out. The Russian look back and forth between his shadow from and Alex. Alex filed the shadow nose and the Russian felt the same thing his shadow did “hey you see what he feels you feel so I ask again why are you follow me”

 the Russian remind silence but beats of sweat where coming down his face

“ok suit our self” Alex dig into his pocket and  grapping a pencil . he slowly stared to appeared his eyes. The Russian eyes was slowly turning red and his eyelids where acting like someone was pocking him in the eyes

 “Alex enough” said jasmine.

Alex pulled the pencil away form the Russian eye “I know what him doing” whispered Alex.

 He went back to pocking the Russian eye he cry out when the pencil was an inch form his eye

“alright alright enough” shouted the Russian Alex pulled the pencil away from the shadow

 “what was that”

 “alright I’ll talk” said the Russian “look I don’t know why they want use to follow you all know is that the grand masters what use to keep an eye of you that’s all I know”

 “wait the grand masters all of them”

 “yes we don’t do thing like these unless the whole council is an agreement” said the Russian.

 Alex was trying to progress the Russian told him

“Alex you ok” asked jasmine.

 Alex didn’t hear her he was in his inner mind Conner a man he trusted a man who brought his aunt and him together again goes behind his back and spy’s on him for no reason Alex had to figure out what it was. He step off the Russian shadow and Marcuse and Illdea got off the bald eagle he said something in Russian before disappearing into the winds

 “so what do we do” asked Illdea perching on the mortar of the building

 “we need to get answer and there is only one person that will give use thought answer”

 “and who would that be” asked jasmine

“Conner we need to get Conner here”

 “and how do we do that” asked jasmine

 “we kidnapped nimbus” said Alex 

hey everyone ironhead here. one of the fanfic reader that love to listen to had to go to the ER to get a cyst that was the size of a basketball removed she's doing fine the operation went will but just send her like a get well message on for twitter message that would be great. has for the book i'm still working on it i hope to have it upload by the end of march.

our truely ironhead1234 auother of the elemental monarchs



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